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Founded by Mr. Dady K. Banaji in 1960, the studio is a multi- disciplinary practice that includes interior designers as well as architects and engineers. The aim is to remain a bespoke studio offering clients a creative and practical, but ultimately very personal, design service .

Projects are a mixture of residential, bungalows, buildings, industrial & commercial work. Over the years we have worked in both budget and extravagant.

Personal recommendations form a great part of our heritage and private clients often return when they move home/office or their business grows.


TThe majority of the team has been part of the studio for many years, however, when possible, we welcome a newly qualified design professionals as they bring in fresh ideas and skills.

The team has extensive professional experience and works efficiently within specific budget and time frames. We always ensure that all possible costs and obstacles are identified and discussed before work commences on a project.

Presentations are created using a combination of 3D visuals, AutoCAD drawings and presentation boards created from our extensive in-studio reference and sample libraries.


We know that every client values their space and wants it to reflect their individual tastes and personalities keeping in sync with bigger picture. Whether they want to be very hands on, have little free time or live abroad, we adapt accordingly and deliver projects that combine the client's vision with seductive glamour, cool subtlety and originality.

We believe that it is very important to engage and spend time with our clients during the evolution of the project, making the process enjoyable, accessible and fun for everyone involved.


Our Motto – "Design to Excellence" To create, execute or construct according to a plan based on 3 main factors

1. Integrity.
2. Functional & Unique creativity.
3. Cost Effective.

Design excellence drives performance by design, these disciplined approach in the design phase predicts the success of a change or innovation before it is implemented.

Organization Values

We always ensure that the skeleton of the building is in good shape before dressing it. As much of our work is based in Commercial Capital of India "Mumbai". Collabaration with the on site team is essential so site visits are frequent and every detail of a completed project is quality checked before we hand it over to the client as the finished product.


Occasionally some clients like to direct their own projects, with a little help and experienced guidance. The studio acts as a backup team- being able to supply drawings, as a connection for trade purchasing, or even just as someone with whom they can bounce ideas. We aim to ensure that you leave our studio with a fully considered and designed scheme ready for implementation.

For this service, we charge by the day for working with us in-house and using our facilities.

Key personnel

Mr. Dady K. Banaji

The designer in every sphere of human endeavor will ever remain the surrogate god of creation. In this mercurial scenario some designers consistently establish themselves with characteristic timeless designs. Mr.Dady.K Banaji belongs to this category of architects. Dady Banaji who studied and trained in Stanford University of California established Banaji & Associates in the year 1960 in Bombay, he has designed all manners of buildings, residential, bungalows, high rise apt, industrial projects, schools & hotels, based on his belief and commitment to design excellence. read more

Mr. Jamshed Banaji

Mr. Jamshed Banaji graduated with a B.Sc in Architecture from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA, after an academic stint in Architecture from the Arizona State University. His upbringing and exposure to the world of Art, Architecture and design made Architecture as an integral part of his life. In 1994 he joined the reputed architectural practice of Banaji & Associates. He established Zaar Line in the year 2000 – which specializes in the wide arena of turnkey contracting and urban development. read more

Mr. A.R Kamat

Mr. Anand R. Kamat a graduate from Sir J.J College of Architect is the senior most architect in the firm of Banaji & Associates, he joined B&A in the year 1976 under the tutelage of D.K Banaji. His analytical & prudent approach to any architectural project gives him an edge over the creative designers of the studio. He has lent many a thought and decision to numerous architectural projects of Finolex Industries.
read more

Bharati Rananavare

Bharati Rananavare (Kshama) graduated as an Architect from Academy of Architecture in 1986. She did her internship with Banaji & Associate in 198-85 part time. Kshama consequently joined Banaji & Associate as a junior architect in 1986. Kshama a soft spoken & demure individual embodies the principle of Banaji & Associate, integrity, ingenuity & systematic approach to design & its execution. She has worked on many projects, industrial, corporate, retail & residential.

Mrs. Nirmala Banaji

Nirmala believes that in design the approach taken is very important and has to relate with the person who is going to use the space, his/her style of living, the climate, the material & method of construction. Nirmala studied Architecture at L.S Raheja School of Architecture in Mumbai. She did her prestigious architectural internship in Mumbai headed by a woman. While studying architecture she was appointed as the General Secretary to the National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA) for the years 1993-1994. read more