About us

Principal & Founding Architect Dady Banaji (B.A, B.Arch Stanford Univ . USA) established Banaji & Associates in Bombay (India) as an innovative and integrated practice in 1960. The firm gained an international reputation in 1981 with the introduction of its Design Studio in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. He believed that good design works in harmony with people's lives; reflecting the way they live and adding style and inspiration to their home life. Whatever style you dream about, our goal is to develop beautiful & timeless designs that achieve a pure response to each client's vision.

Today the illustrious firm has a new age vision ushered by Architect Jamshed Banaji (B.Sc Arch Univ of Wisconsin, USA)& Nirmala Banaji (B.Arch L.S Raheja College of Architecture) towards aglobal strategy incorporating the principles of care and integrity.The firm's expertise encompasses almost the complete spectrum of architecture and interior design which include, Urban Design & Master Planning, Bungalow Design and restoration, Industrial, Residential, Hospital, Corporate and Commercial, Education, Institutional, Retail, Hospitality and Recreational.

The company has built a reputation on integrity, professionalism, design excellence and exceptional client service. Vision and creativity are fundamental; but it is care and integrity that influences the design philosophy at Banaji & Associates. Our method of working is highly participatory combining a wealth of knowledge from Architects, Engineers & Project Consultants towards the creation of a sustainable environment.

Jamshed BanajiJamshed Banaji has spent over 25 years making rigorously simple architecture that speaks of the fundamentals absorbed during his formation years in the university. He established Zaar Line in 1999, a build company which can translate his design into reality. He believes "it's impossible to go through a single day without encountering architecture", The built environment is entwined with every facet of our lives - from our work to our homes, hobbies and social lives.

Nirmala BanajiNirmala Banaji the principal of Banaji & Associates is an accomplished architect with a textile design and a Business Management Degree, who has long ploughed her own furrow, through a compelling mix of hard work and boldness of vision. She combines her knowledge of textile design and business management to create thoughtful and seamless processes culminating in signature aesthetics for every design, which can be described as understated elegance, modern and proportionate. Her consistency of care and integrity in all her endeavors and projects are upheld throughout the entire process of design to completion.